Tort reform can have very real consequences for you and your family. When deciding where you stand on the issue, we encourage you to meet the real victims of tort reform and hear their stories of denied justice.

Medical Malpractice Victims

Anthony was only 45-years-old when he died a completely preventable death. His doctor restarted Anthony on medication he knew was harmful while Anthony was still recovering from its original side-effects. Had his doctors properly monitored and treated his condition, Anthony would be alive today.
Read Anthony’s story.

After Bill was misdiagnosed with prostate cancer, he underwent a radical prostatectomy at his doctor’s recommendation. Unfortunately, the completely unnecessary surgery left Bill impotent.
Read Bill’s story.

Bonnie’s gynecologist failed to order necessary tests on a lump found in her breast. It was not until her primary care physician ordered a biopsy that she learned about her cancer. Had it been diagnosed when the lump was first detected, Bonnie would have survived. Instead, she died of cancer when she was only 50.
Read Bonnie’s story.

Cameron will live in a constant infant-like state for the rest of his life due to the negligence of hospital personnel. Cameron was born blue, limp and unresponsive at birth. Cameron is severely mentally retarded and has epilepsy and cerebral palsy due to lack of blood flow to his kidneys, liver, lungs and brain during labor. He requires skilled nursing care 24-hours-a-day and will for the rest of his life, all because the nursing and physician staff failed to follow medical protocol.
Read Cameron’s story.

Little Caroline was born pre-term and was at an increased risk of developing high levels of bilirubin. Her medical condition could have been easily prevented, but Caroline’s doctors failed to recognize and treat her excessive bilirubin levels in time, resulting in severe brain damage. She is blind and profoundly disabled and functions at the developmental level of a one- to four-month-old child even though she is now 11-years-old. She also suffers severe orthopedic problems and has endured painful surgeries and treatment.
Read Caroline’s story.

Charles’ doctors misdiagnosed him with cancer, resulting in him undergoing needless radiation treatments that caused permanent physical damage and left him confined to a wheelchair. After switching hospitals, Charles was told that he never had cancer at all.
Read Charles’ story.

Christine was forced to give up her new career and her house, both of which she loved very much, because a doctor’s mistake caused her to lose a leg. Once highly active, Christine now lives a life of extreme pain, disfigurement, and embarrassment.
Read Christine’s story.

Christopher lost the full use of his right hand due to the negligence of a doctor. An ear, nose and throat surgeon — not board certified as an orthopedist — misrepresented his qualifications and performed surgeries that caused nerve damage. Christopher can no longer work as a tow truck operator, a job that he loved, or even tie his own shoes, due to a doctor’s negligence.
Read Christopher’s story.

Colin was born with cerebral palsy because of medical malpractice at birth. He received a $5.65 million award at trial to cover his medical expenses, but because of a Nebraska state-mandated cap on damages he could only collect $1.25 million, an amount that will not cover a lifetime of care.
Read Colin’s story.

Crystal is not like other kids. She is teased by classmates and reduced to tears because of a doctor’s negligence. Crystal’s left arm was left distorted and dysfunctional from a completely preventable medical error.
Read Crystal’s story.

Deryl was a successful businessman and loving grandfather. He never missed a day of visiting with his grandchildren. Derl’s life was taken from him due to his doctor’s failure to diagnose the bladder cancer that was producing such obvious symptoms.
Read Deryl’s story.

Diane was a loving grandmother and twin sister. She loved to travel to see her children and grandchildren and spent every night with her twin sister. A series of absolutely preventable medical errors took Diane from her children, grandchildren, sister, and parents forever.
Read Diane’s story.

Doreen was a spry 78-year-old retired registered nurse. She lived independently on the same street as her family, and spent her days caring for her adult children and grandchildren. Doreen was also active in the community, assisting neighbors who were younger than she was. In order to continue her active lifestyle, Doreen accepted her physician’s advice to undergo a knee replacement at the hospital where she had worked for many years. The surgery was successful. Regrettably, the patient died 13 days later due to a completely preventable medication error.
Read Doreen’s story.

Doug, an active volunteer firefighter who helped in the September 11th recovery efforts, dreamed of becoming a full-time, paid firefighter. Doug’s dreams were shattered when he sustained severe injuries due to the negligence of his doctors. Now, Doug is lucky to be able to walk with braces.
Read Doug’s story.

At 63, Elaine should have been enjoying her golden years after working hard for many years to take care of her children. But a laboratory’s failure to tell Elaine’s doctor about results of tests that her blood was too thin — and her doctors’ own negligence in treating her condition — have left her without the use of her legs. Had her surgeon been told about Elaine’s too thin blood, he could have changed the medication and prevented this tragedy. Elaine is now totally dependent on her son Brian for care.
Read Elaine’s story.

Elizabeth’s life, and the lives of those who loved her, ended when her physicians failed to diagnose and treat her life-threatening infection.
Read Elizabeth’s story.

While launching a successful career and mentoring young professional woman, Ellen underwent surgery to remove a nodule from her lung. During the procedure, her doctor mistakenly cut a hole in her diaphragm, and he failed to notify any other staff or report the incident. What should have been a simple surgery turned into 20 emergency surgeries and the loss of Ellen’s left lung and part of her stomach. She can no longer work or travel and is plagued by constant recurring illnesses.
Read Ellen’s story.

Eric suffered severe brain damage as a result of a doctor’s negligence in delivering him. Eric will never do the things his little brother can do. He will never walk or talk. Eric’s ability to live a full and meaningful life was taken from him by a doctor’s mistakes.
Read Eric’s story.

Evan will never lead a full and enjoyable life due to the negligence of several doctors. He has no control over his limbs, and is severely brain damaged from a lack of oxygen in the womb. Had his mother’s physicians correctly diagnosed her, Evan would be a healthy, happy young boy.
Read Evan’s story.

Evelyn was left without hands and feet after her surgeons failed to treat her circulation problems. Not one of her six physicians took charge when Evelyn’s nurse reported her blue hands and feet.
Read Evelyn’s story.

Fern went into surgery for a cardiac pacemaker. Instead, the negligence of hospital staff left her with second and third degree burns on her face, which have resulted in permanent scarring. A weakened immune system and an aggravation of her diabetes resulted in the amputation of her leg above the knee.
Read Fern’s story.

Fuzzy was enjoying his retirement after 35 years of hard work. After a simple surgery to remove his gallbladder, Fuzzy’s doctor ignored obvious signs and tests that Fuzzy was suffering a bile leak. Only after 16 days and a transfer to another hospital was Fuzzy’s bile leak treated. Due to the wait, Fuzzy spent 187 days in the hospital when his initial surgery is usually on an out-patient basis. Even though he survived, Fuzzy has difficulty doing the most simple things that he once enjoyed.
Read Fuzzy’s story.

Gary was known as the “go-to” guy in the United States Postal Service and at home. When he was diagnosed with a hernia at a routine check up, he followed his doctor’s advice to fix the hernia and get a biopsy in the same surgery. However, after the surgery, Gary’s doctor left the hernia repair to an unsupervised resident. Two days later, his surgery failed, and his doctor used Marlex, a surgical mesh that is explicitly not intended for hernia repair surgery, during his next operation. The Marlex caused major complications that required the removal of huge sections of Gary’s bowels. Not only was he left disfigured, he was no longer able to work. He and his wife fell into debt and lost their house.
Read Gary’s story.

At 47-years-old, Gene’s energy was incomparable. In addition to working full time as a machine operator, he was an avid hunter and fisherman, and was constantly immersed in home renovation projects. Unfortunately, because a physician failed to follow up on an abnormal X-ray result, Gene lost both his right leg and his independence, and he will likely lose his life.
Read Gene’s story.

Gloria* was a 47-year-old healthy mother and grandmother who died as a result of a hospital’s negligence. Despite signs that she was in respiratory distress, the hospital staff did not give her proper treatment. This ultimately led to cardiac and respiratory arrest, brain damage, and a year of chronic pain before her death.
Read Gloria’s story.

As a little girl, Heather was left scarred for life when a doctor misled her parents and performed a radical and improper surgery that no doctor in the country had ever used or recommended for her condition.
Read Heather’s story.

Holly lost both of her breasts and suffered severe infections and scarring due to a failure to diagnose her breast cancer. Had her mammogram films been properly read, Holly would still have both of her breasts.
Read Holly’s story.

Despite being burned in a fire, Hugh was expected to make a full recovery and was looking forward to returning to the university where he was a student. Then Hugh went into the hospital to undergo monitoring for his injuries. As a result of a medical mistake, Hugh suffered irreversible brain damage and is now a quadriplegic.
Read Hugh’s story.

Hunter will never do the things that other children do. He will never speak or walk. Hunter’s life was taken from him before he was even born due to the carelessness of the doctor and nurse taking care of his mother while she was in labor.
Read Hunter’s story.

Janet was 57-years-old when she was administered a routine MRA test, which requires the injection of dye into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, the doctor who administered the test had recently lost his privileges at another hospital for injecting too much dye, which he did to Janet. Soon after, the blood in her right, dominant hand began to clot, leading to its eventual amputation. She now struggles to perform even the simplest task and must rely on her family for assistance.
Read Janet’s story.

Jessica was an active and energetic 15-year-old high school student who enjoyed playing softball and hadhopes of becoming a nurse until an orthopedic surgeon ended her dreams by instructing her to walk on a fractured ankle for 3 months.
Read Jessica’s story.

Jim was an active man who loved to travel and spend time with his wife. Due to a hospital’s misinterpretation of multiple tests, Jim died of lung cancer. Had the hospital properly interpreted his results three years prior to his death when he first presented, Jim would be alive today.
Read Jim’s story.

Unlike most fathers, Joe, who is dying of cancer, will not be able to take care of his family or watch his young son grow up. Joe’s mouth cancer was treatable, but his doctor misdiagnosed his condition — allowing the cancer to grow for two years. Even worse, the doctor later changed Joe’s medical records to cover up his mistakes.
Read Joe’s story.

Little Johnny died as a result of severe dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea. Johhny’s mother brought him to the hospital emergency room in plenty of time, but his abnormal vital signs and condition were ignored. Johnny and his mom were forced to wait for almost three hours, while help in the form of a simple IV was less than 50 feet away.
Read Johnny’s story.

Jon was a hard-working, active man who enjoyed his work. Jon now lives in constant pain due to a doctor’s blatant disregard for hospital policy.
Read Jon’s story.

Because her doctors failed to perform a routine spinal MRI, Kaitlynn was misdiagnosed with mild cerebral palsy as an infant. As her condition worsened, her physical therapist and family asked her doctors to administer a test to see if her condition was a spinal disease. After she was paralyzed from the chest down, her doctors discovered a spinal tumor. Unfortunately, though, the undiagnosed tumor did lasting damage. Kaitlynn is now confined to a wheelchair.
Read Kaitlynn’s story.

Kathleen was a new grandmother when she went for a routine dental checkup. While there, her oral surgeon told her that several bumps on her scalp were most likely cancerous, and a subsequent biopsy confirmed Kathleen’s worst fears. She underwent surgery that removed most of her scalp and left her with skin grafts that never healed. When her original surgeon left, she sought treatment from a dermatologist, who revealed that Kathleen had never had cancer in the first place. She continues to undergo surgeries, none of which have proven successful.
Read Kathleen’s story.

Keith’s life was ruined forever when he went in for a routine surgery. Keith was once completely independent and active. Now his wife is afraid to leave him home alone due to a brain injury caused by the negligence of the hospital staff caring for him.
Read Keith’s story.

Laurie was only 35-years-old when she died as a result of medical negligence. Her death was caused as a result of a medication error. Laurie’s death was caused by her doctor’s inappropriate use of the cardiac medication, Sotalol, for Laurie’s symptoms of heart palpitations. This medication was not indicated for treatment of Laurie’s palpitations.
Read Laurie’s story.

Leslie suffered a horrible and painful death at the hands of a doctor who was negligent in her care. Leslie would have survived her surgery if the doctor had followed standard procedure.
Read Leslie’s story.

Lisa, a 38-year-old wife and mother of three, died as the result of negligent hospital staff. Approximately 10 hours after she went to the emergency room for an asthma problem, Lisa had a heart attack caused by respiratory distress. Even though her monitor showed no pulse after the seizure, it took 20 minutes before the hospital staff initiated code blue and began CPR. Forty minutes later, Lisa was dead.
Read Lisa’s story.

Forty-three-year-old Lois died following her family physician’s orders. Lois displayed the signs of angina, but her doctor repeatedly misdiagnosed her symptoms and ignored a warning from an E.R. physician. Lois was treated for gallstones and heartburn, but her doctor never referred her to a cardiologist who would have saved her life.
Read Lois’ story.

Loretta, a wife and mother of four children, complained to her OB about lumps in her breasts at two annual checkups. The cancer inside of Loretta grew as her doctor dismissed her complaints. Finally, a year later, tests revealed breast cancer. Despite radical surgery, Loretta’s days with her family are dwindling. Her last days will be filled with debilitating pain because the cancer has spread through her body and to her brain. Because of her doctor’s negligence, Loretta will never see her children grow up.
Read Loretta’s story.

Madeline’s doctors performed unnecessary exploratory surgery and removed a critical part of her small intestine. Her doctors then operated at least four more times – all to correct a problem caused by the unnecessary surgery – taking out over 18 feet of her small intestine. The surgeries nearly cost Madeline her life and have left her to be tube-fed for the remainder of her life.
Read Madeline’s story.

Marc was a successful doctor who had an excellent chance of overcoming Hodgkin’s Disease. But when complications developed during a biopsy, Marc’s doctors waited too long stop his severe internal bleeding. Marc died because his doctors delayed performing a simple life-saving procedure.
Read Marc’s story.

Eight-year-old Marlaina kept getting sicker and sicker as ammonia built up in her bloodstream. Her condition was treatable, but a key test to investigate the metabolic disorder that Marlaina had was never performed. The test was done too late for Marlaina, who died a slow and agonizing death.
Read Marlaina’s story.

Mary was forced to stay home from work and rely on friends for help with everyday chores after her doctors left a sponge inside of her following surgery. Multiple doctors failed to remove the sponge, even though an X-ray clearly showed it was there.
Read Mary’s story.

Marybeth, a wife and mother of four children, was only 37 when she died of malignant melanoma — a totally treatable and curable cancer if detected in time. But Marybeth’s doctor ignored examining Marybeth’s skin at yearly physicals even though she knew her family’s history with the disease and had been warned by Marybeth’s oncologist. Marybeth might still be alive today if her physician then hadn’t burned off a suspicious lesion and not gotten it tested. Because of her doctor’s negligence, Marybeth’s family has lost a devoted mother and loving wife.
Read Marybeth’s story.

Maureen was a happy, energetic wife and mother of two. Her future was taken from her by the negligence of her doctors. Maureen’s final years were wrought with unimaginable pain and suffering, not only for herself, but for the family that meant so much to her.
Read Maureen’s story.

Melissa was born pre-term. Despite numerous ultrasounds, exams, and constant monitoring, no one anticipated that Melissa would be born breech, or feet first, even though this is a common occurrence with pre-term deliveries. With only a resident to assist, Melissa’s mom started to push, but Melissa’s head became stuck in the birth canal, cutting off her oxygen. As a result of her doctors’ negligence, Melissa suffered serious brain damage. She will never breath on her own – she is dependent upon a ventilator — and must be fed through a tube. She is also severely disabled requiring around-the-clock care.
Read Melissa’s story.

Michael died a totally preventable and needless death because his doctor failed to provide the correct treatment and the hospital was unable to appropriately respond to a cardiac emergency created by the doctor’s negligence. Michael was only in his 30s and now his wife is left to care for three young children alone.
Read Michael’s story.

Michaelene was just 30-years-old when she died. Her death could have been avoided if only hospital cytopathologists had read her pap smear slides correctly. They were misread for three years by staff who failed to see the cancerous cells on them. By the time the cancer was diagnosed, it was too late for Michaelene. She left behind her husband, her 13-year-old son and her 12-year-old daughter.
Read Michaelene’s story.

Monica was only 12-years-old when she died as the result of negligent care emergency room care. After falling off her bike and exhibiting all the signs of a serious brain injury, she was discharged without any serious tests. Her mother found her dead four days later, the result of a massive blood clot.
Read Monica’s story.

Mrs. S., a healthy and vibrant woman, was the guiding force in her large extended family. Her children and grandchildren looked to her for wisdom and counsel and she led her family to success in America. Mistakes in her care by a cardiologist led to her death and this fact was confirmed by other doctors. Due to the negligence of a cardiologist, her family is without their matriarch.
Read Mrs. S’s story.

Nikki was only 19 when an untreated infection took her life. Her physicians knew she was symptomatic, but did nothing to treat her infection. Nikki’s son will grow up without a mother due to a totally preventable medical mistake.
Read Nikki’s story.

Nilda will never really know her grandchildren. She will never communicate with her husband. She is in a vegetative state now because of the negligence of her surgeon, who failed to operate on a life-threatening condition.
Read Nilda’s story.

Oliver, once a healthy baby, now has cerebral palsy and is mentally retarded because of the negligence of two physicians. Although he was born premature, he was a healthy sized baby and was doing great until his doctors negligently placed his feeding tube directly into his heart, leading to a cardiorespiratory collapse. Despite unmistakable signs that Oliver was in trouble, the medical residents caring for him failed to recognize the cause of his problems until irreversible brain damage had occurred.
Read Oliver’s story.

Olivia’s mom had problems delivering her first child. When the time came for her to deliver her second baby, her physicians never looked at her history or monitored the size of the baby. As a result of her doctors’ negligence, little Olivia has almost no use of her right arm.
Read Olivia’s story.

Paul was a successful businessman, who loved his work. As a result of his doctor’s failure to treat his high blood pressure, Paul can no longer work, he can’t drive, and tasks such as grasping a cup are incredibly difficult.
Read Paul’s story.

Paula underwent cosmetic surgery to correct a breast deformity. She could not know that the doctor recommended to her was ill-qualified for the job. As a result of numerous mistakes by this doctor, Paula was left permanently scarred.
Read Paula’s story.

Ronald was just 56-years-old when he became the victim of medical negligence. His death could have been avoided had the hospital and radiologist simply taken the time to read his X-ray and advise Ronald of their findings.
Read Ronald’s story.

Sabrina lives each day in constant pain because her surgeon decided, without her knowledge, to use her as a guinea pig to practice a new skill. As a result, the surgeon burned through the tissue in Sabrina’s knee. She will need numerous knee replacements during her life, each one degenerating her condition even more.
Read Sabrina’s story.

Sam entered the hospital with severe abdominal pain. Had his CT scan been properly interpreted by his doctor, Sam would be alive today.
Read Sam’s story.

Sandra was athletic and energetic, enjoying life. That all changed when her doctors, despite multiple visits to the Emergency Room, failed to order a simple test that would have detected bleeding in her brain. Now, Sandra can no longer do any of the things she enjoyed, or even make a living.
Read Sandra’s story.

Shirley was a hardworking single mother who doted on her children. When she had a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with Stage 1 cervical cancer, she thought she had been given a new lease on life. Unfortunately, her doctor left a sponge inside her during the hysterectomy. Her body formed a mass around the sponge which caused permanent nerve damage. Shirley is now bound to a wheelchair, and she can no longer care for herself or her children.
Read Shirley’s story.

Two-year-old Steve Olsen didn’t know how much his sight and cerebral function were worth until he lost them. The arbitrary price – $250,000 – was set by the California legislature in 1975 for all victims of medical negligence. Despite a jury providing $7.1 million for Steve’s lifetime of darkness, suffering, and cerebral palsy, he can only expect to receive $4,000 for every year of his life if he lives only until 60.
Read Steve’s story…

Tom worked hard and had never missed a day of work in the years that it had taken to rise from an apprentice to a master plumber. Strong and self-reliant, Tom kept in shape and tried to stay healthy. Due to a doctor’s unwillingness to spend a few minutes asking Tom basic questions and running routine tests, a ruptured artery in his brain went undetected until it was too late. The delay has resulted in permanent brain damage, and Tom now lives waiting for others to help him with the most basic tasks.
Read Tom’s story.

Tommy is a spastic quadriplegic and suffers from severe mental retardation because the doctors to whom his mother turned for help failed to care for her. Tommy was born with numerous physical and mental complications from his preterm birth.
Read Tommy’s story.

Torajee was a precocious four-year-old who had a sparkle in his eye and a smile that could warm the coldest of hearts. Unfortunately, due to three careless physicians and a hospital system that violated more than 108 laws, regulations, and policies, Torajee’s life was needlessly squandered and his parents were left with a void that can never be filled.
Read Torajee’s story.

Yalon’s physicians knew she had signs of a high-risk condition during her pregnancy. Yet, when Yalon presented at the Emergency Room with clear signs her condition had progressed and required immediate delivery of her baby, her physicians waited over 13 hours to perform a caesarian section. As a result, Yalon suffered a severe stroke and is permanently disabled.
Read Yalon’s story.

Worker’s Compensation Victims

Allen lost his life to a company’s desire for money and profits. Had the contractor sent in to do work at Allen’s plant been more concerned with safety and less with getting the job done quickly, Allen would be alive today. Instead, he died a horrifying and painful death due to negligence.
Read Allen’s story.

Anne* worked as a certified nursing assistant until an 8- to 10-pound battery fell off a defective piece of equipment and landed on her foot and ankle. She is now permanently disabled, can only walk two blocks at most, and experiences persistent pain.
Read Anne’s story.

Don, an electrician for an electrical contractor, was working at a power company when he was subjected to over 12,000 volts of electricity due to the power company’s negligence. The electricity entered Don’s body through his hand and blew out of the back of his head. Don suffered multi-organ failure several times, received burns over 60 percent of his body, and damaging internal burns and injuries. He has undergone painful reconstructive surgeries on his face, his hands, and throughout his body.
Read Don’s story.

Steve was a single father, working hard to provide for his children. His ability to do that was destroyed by carelessness and violations of company policies. Steve narrowly avoided being crushed to death but sustained severe bodily injury when he was trapped between a dump truck and a bulldozer.
Read Steve’s story.

Auto Accident Victims

Alton was seriously injured while riding his motorcycle. Witnesses though Alton had died in the crash; instead, he suffered severe brain trauma, punctured lungs, fractured ribs, internal injuries, severe open fractures of his left leg, and nerve damage to his left arm. Once strong and dependent, Alton can no longer take care of himself because of a negligent driver.
Read Alton’s story.

Amy died a tragically preventable death when a wheel flew off a car traveling in the opposite direction and crashed into the car she was riding in. Her brother, who was driving the car, witnessed Amy’s horrific death, and he now has constant nightmares and pain over the loss of his baby sister.
Read Amy’s story.

Becky was a bright and energetic child, full of potential. Due to a car manufacturer’s failure to install proper safety features in the back seat of the vehicle in which she was riding, Becky is now restricted to life in a wheelchair. She relies on her family to help her with everything, and she will forever be paralyzed from the neck down.
Read Becky’s story.

Little Brian was an energetic pre-schooler who loved playing with his brother and teasing his mom. All that changed when the car in which Brian was riding was hit head-on by a careless driver, who was speeding on a wet roadway. Brian suffered severe head injuries, the effects of which will linger forever.
Read Brian’s story.

Chris has a very promising future. He was looking forward to graduating with his MBA and proposing to his girlfriend. A drunk driver took both those dreams from Chris when he ran a red light at more than 65 miles-per-hour and slammed into Chris’ car.
Read Chris’ story.

David was only a freshman in high school when a careless driver destroyed his right eye. David can no longer enjoy the sports he loved so much or do the everyday things we take for granted, like pouring a glass of juice or unlocking a door.
Read David’s story.

Erin had half of her left leg taken from her when a negligent driver plowed into her. After four surgeries, hard work, and determination, she is finally able to walk with the help of a prosthesis. Had the driver not been careless, Erin would not face 60 years of having a stump instead of a calf, ankle, and foot.
Read Erin’s story.

Frank was an active grandfather who was always full of energy. He loved to travel and host parties. Due to the negligence of a careless driver, doing the things he used to love is now nearly impossible.
Read Frank’s story.

Jessica will never lead the full and energetic life she had begun. She was severely brain damaged by the negligence of two drivers. Developmentally, she lives the life of a toddler who will never mature. She will require 24-hour care and assistance for the rest of her life.
Read Jessica’s story.

John was paralyzed from the waist down after the car in which he was a passenger struck several trees. He will never walk again, and he frequently suffers potentially lethal infections. John must live the remainder of his life under constant supervision in a nursing home because of someone else’s negligence.
Read John’s story.

John was a retiree, happy with his life shopping flea markets and enjoying time with his family. Tragically, John was killed when a tractor-trailer driven by an illegal immigrant who had not had enough rest plowed into his car on the highway. The driver’s license had also been suspended twice for driving while intoxicated.
Read John’s story.

Joe was only 30-years-old when his life was changed forever by the negligence of a drunk driver. He was struck with such force that he was thrown more than 108 feet. The driver pled guilty to drunk driving and served only 30 days in jail, while Joe will be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life.
Read Joseph’s story.

Eleven-year-old Juli was a good student and very physically active. She had dreams of becoming a gym teacher or a veterinarian. Sadly, those dreams were cut short when the car in which she was riding was struck head-on by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. Juli suffered tremendous injuries and horrific pain as a result.
Read Juli’s story.

At 13, Kelly Rose Miller was already a shining star. She was a fun-loving, compassionate child who loved the outdoors and organized sports. She was also exceptionally bright. Not only was she a straight-A student, she had received numerous academic awards, including the President’s Education Award. Kelly’s potential was limitless. Tragically, however, she will never realize her goals and dreams because her life was abruptly and violently ended when the vehicle in which she was riding collided with a tractor-trailer.
Read Kelly’s story.

Linda was a vibrant and hard-working mother until she was literally crushed to death by a careless driver who rammed into the back of the township truck Linda was loading.
Read Linda’s story.

Loan and her family were hit head-on by a drunk driver. Loan’s children received only minor injuries, but she wasn’t as lucky – suffering serious facial lacerations and bruises. She was also worried about the condition of her unborn child. Loan has undergone painful reconstructive surgery and has endured bleeding, scarring and scabbing, and debilitating post-concussion headeaches that have turned the job of taking care of her family into a daily struggle.
Read Loan’s story.

When Lori’s car was struck head-on by a drunk driver, her life was shattered forever. Her right lower leg needed to be rebuilt, and her jaw was wired shut. She cannot walk or climb stairs without intense pain. Once able to enjoy outings with her husband and daughter, she is now relegated to a life of pain and disfigurement.
Read Lori’s story.

Mark was an active and healthy 43-year-old when he went out for a motorcycle ride that change his life forever. Due to the impatience of a truck driver, Mark was engulfed in flames for several minutes. He was so severely burned that he will never again lead a normal life. Even sitting in a wheelchair is excruciating for Mark.
Read Mark’s story.

Martha’s husband and children are alone and without the love and guidance she once gave them. A careless dump truck driver took her from them when he failed to stop for a red light and plowed into Martha’s vehicle.
Read Martha’s story.

Ray was a bright and ambitious drug company representative, who enjoyed traveling and staying physically fit, until a country club van violently struck his car while he was at a complete stop. Since then, Ray has required narcotic medications to obtain even the most minimal relief, and has been forced to undergo surgery for a ruptured disc and acute nerve damage. Instead of enjoying the benefits of his hard work, Ray now stays up at night in pain, worrying about his future.
Read Ray’s story.

Ryan was 17 when his life was changed forever by a reckless driver. In a terrible accident, Ryan’s head was dragged along the road, leaving pieces of flesh and bone embedded in the roadway. Doctors worked miracles to save Ryan, but he now has titanium mesh holding his skull together and suffers from permanent vision and hearing loss and emotional trauma. He will require multiple plastic surgeries to try to reconstruct portions of his face and head.
Read Ryan’s story.