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Times Record News, June 26, 2016

The average citizen isn’t aware of the law that can severely hinder them from seeking justice. It was enacted to stop the mass exodus of doctors leaving Texas due to colossal court judgments against them for malpractice. Lawsuits, most of them frivolous, were dominating the courts. The doctor shortage became critical and something had to be done. The bill met with little opposition, passing into law easily.

In following years and the Texas Legislature changing hands several times, the greed again emerged. Although the majority of settlements were legitimate, it was the doctors and hospitals that decided the financial bottom line was more important than patients. They hired lobbyists providing huge campaign contributions, along with persuasive influence pushing their agenda. Tort Reform amended in their favor leaving patients vulnerable and doctors and hospitals virtually unscathed in the event of malpractice, leading to the preventable death of a loved one. Sadly, my beloved wife of forty-two years became one of those victims. Doctors, who could have given orders to properly treat her, could have saved her life.

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