Do you know the truth about tort reform? Learn more about how your rights are under attack.

Caps On Damages

One goal of tort reform is to put a price tag on your suffering. Many states have damage caps, which limit how much compensation a plaintiff can receive for their injuries. Damage caps hurt the integrity of our judicial system, put consumers and patients at risk, and leave innocent victims holding the bag.
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Apology Legislation

On the surface, apology laws sound humane. Disclosing medical errors to patients, along with apologies and offers of compensation, seems like the right thing to do. In return for admitting their mistakes, doctors would receive a waiver that their apology could not be used against them in court. But what seems like a win-win situation for patients and doctors puts injured victims at a considerable disadvantage. The fact is apology laws are tort reforms that manipulate, mislead, and exploit victims.
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